z/OS IBM Health Checker for ACF2 STIG


Version / Release: V6R2

Published: 2015-01-15

Updated At: 2018-09-23 16:07:05

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Severity Open Not Reviewed Not Applicable Not a Finding
Overall 0 0 0 0
Low 0 0 0 0
Medium 0 0 0 0
High 0 0 0 0
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    Vuln Rule Version CCI Severity Title Description Status Finding Details Comments
    SV-43171r1_rule ZHCKA001 CCI-001499 MEDIUM IBM Health Checker STC data sets will be properly protected. IBM Health Checker STC data sets have the ability to use privileged functions and/or have access to sensitive data. Failure to properly restrict access to these data sets could result in violating the integrity of the base product which could result in c
    SV-43181r1_rule ZHCKA030 CCI-000764 MEDIUM IBM Health Checker Started Task name will be properly identified and/or defined to the system ACP. IBM Health Checker requires a started task that will be restricted to certain resources, datasets and other system functions. By defining the started task as a userid to the system ACP, It allows the ACP to control the access and authorized users that req