Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG)

This STIG contains the technical security controls for the operation of a Wireless Keyboard & Mouse in the DoD environment.


Version / Release: V6R8

Published: 2014-03-18

Updated At: 2018-09-23 15:56:56

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Severity Open Not Reviewed Not Applicable Not a Finding
Overall 0 0 0 0
Low 0 0 0 0
Medium 0 0 0 0
High 0 0 0 0
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    Vuln Rule Version CCI Severity Title Description Status Finding Details Comments
    SV-4639r1_rule WIR0535 MEDIUM If a wireless keyboard or mouse is used with any site computers, then it must follow security requirements. The use of unauthorized wireless keyboards and mice can compromise DoD computers, networks, and data. The receiver for a wireless keyboard/mouse provides a wireless port on the computer that could be attacked by a hacker. Wireless keyboard transmissions
    SV-7457r1_rule WIR0530 MEDIUM If infrared wireless mice and keyboards are used on classified or unclassified equipment and networks, the required conditions must be followed. Wireless mice and keyboard receivers are a open wireless port on a PC, which can be attacked by a hacker. In addition, wireless keyboard transmissions, if not secured, can be compromised when intercepted.Information Assurance OfficerECWN-1