BlackBerry OS 7.x.x Security Technical Implementation Guide

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BlackBerry OS 7.x.x STIG in XCCDF format
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Findings ID: WIR1096 Rule ID: SV-91529r1_rule Severity: high CCI: CCI-000370


If an unsupported version of BlackBerry OS 7.x is being used, the device is not being updated with security patches and may contain vulnerabilities that may expose sensitive DoD data to unauthorized people. BlackBerry OS 7.x supports old and obsolete technologies and is no longer being supported by BlackBerry.


Determine if any version of BlackBerry OS 7.x is installed at the site. BlackBerry stopped supporting all versions of BlackBerry OS on 30 September 2017. If any version of BlackBerry OS 7.x is installed on site BlackBerry devices, this is a finding.


Remove all BlackBerry devices using BlackBerry OS 7.x.