APACHE Server 2.0 for Unix

V1R5 2015-08-28       U_Apache_2-0_Server_UNIX_V1R5_Manual-xccdf.xml
V1R2 2014-09-02       U_Apache_2.0_Server_UNIX_V1R2_Manual-xccdf.xml
All directives specified in this STIG must be specifically set (i.e. the server is not allowed to revert to programmed defaults for these directives). Included files should be reviewed if they are used. Procedures for reviewing included files are included in the overview document. The use of .htaccess files are not authorized for use according to the STIG. However, if they are used, there are procedures for reviewing them in the overview document. The Web Policy STIG should be used in addition to the Apache Site and Server STIGs in order to do a comprehensive web server review.
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