Welcome to the Cyber Trackr!

This website was created to help everyone in the Cyber Domain with the new RMF and STIG requirements. While this site is hosted on the public domain, it was inspired by the various complex efforts for DoD RMF Package Management. This suite was originally designed to make the crosslinking between Vulnerabilities and STIG Rules easier to manage and has grown into a semi-complete RMF Tool Suite.

I am a Cyber Enthusiast and work as a DoD Contractor during the day in multiple IT/IA fields. This includes virtually all aspects of Cyber Security (RMF,STIG Implementation, SCAP Compliance, Vulnerability Scans, etc.) I developed this suite on my off hours in order to allow me to grow this suite in the best way possible for my community of users. As such, there is no corporate backing (donations are welcome). I attempt to make new feature updates and releases on a monthly basis with the change log available for review on the front page.

This suite is the culmination of virtually all IT fields. It might not have an official corporate backing, but the information provided is an aggregation of multiple Cyber Security data sets. I strive to make this the best tool available for your Cyber needs.